Will the Revolution Come?

I would like to introduce you to A Minor Revolution from Dover New Hampshire(who knew NH had a ska scene?). They are a 5 piece band bringing their punked- up version of ska to the people through two newer releases. One is an EP entitled “Consexual Sense” and the other is also an EP split with the band The Digs, entitled “Worst Human Being on the Planet.” Let’s check them out…

Consexual Sense

1. “Andy Adores Apologies”- Starting with the familiar ska guitar rhythm you all know and love, the backing sax and crowd vocals really make this song pop. Grade B+

2. “Cape Abel”- “Cape Abel” picks up where “Andy” left off, creating a dark, haunting sound with the drums from the start. Overall, this is a solid punk song. I only wish I could hear the sax a little bit more in this one. Grade: B

3. “F-Bombs”- Raaawrrr, punk rock! This is your classic punk rock song. I’m not sure if there were any horns on this number, but I’m not sure if it needed them anyways. Grade: B

4. “Trouble Shifting”- This song switches effortlessly between classic ska guitar and punk rock shredding. The sax is nicely used especially with the runaway solo around the 2 minute mark. Grade: B+

5. “Yesterday Afternoon”-The saxophone is definitely the star of this song. It gives this otherwise solid tune, that little extra pizzazz. Grade: B+

Worst Human Being on the Planet (Split)

1. “Analog Ring” (A Minor Revolution)- The lead vocalist really belts things out with more of a gravely voice on this one vs. other songs. Although I appreciate the horns and guitar parts on this, this song is just alright. Grade: C

2. “Foaming at the Palm” (A Minor Revolution)- This song has a great beat that builds tension until all hell breaks loose close to the 2 minute mark. A dirty sex-romp of a song and a helluva good time. Grade: B+

With its two recent albums “Consexual Sense” and “Worst Human Being on the Planet,” A Minor Revolution sets itself apart from the countless punk bands out there with the saxophone that accompanies most of their songs. Because the saxophone has more of a mellow tone than that of a trumpet, or trombone, many bands tend to drown out this instrument. A Minor Revolution, however, does a great job of highlighting this aspect of their sound (an entire horn section might be great, but they do just fine with the one horn). While they can certainly pull off the punk with horns sound, it is the songs done with more of a “third wave ska guitar sound” that truly resonated with me. It is songs like “Andy Adores Apologies” and “Yesterday Afternoon” is where they truly shine. While there overall sound could use a little polishing, there is certainly enough variety in these songs to show off their musical range. I would say that if you enjoy the music of 4 Aspirin Morning, than you will Enjoy A Minor Revolution as well. There are some good things happening here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for A Minor Revolution. Keep these guys on your radar! Overall Grade: B

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