Who is Ready for Some Bad Pizza?

The Skunkadelics from San Lorenzo, CA have just released their first LP entitled “Almost as Good as Bad Pizza” and is a follow up to their 2013 EP “It’s always Skunky.” The Skunkadelics have been a band since 2009 (according to their Facebook Page), but I must admit, this is the first time I have ever heard of them. Let’s not put this off any longer…

1. “Yolanda”-“Yolanda” starts out with a horn-heavy blast and then quickly melds into the kind of ska you can’t just sit and listen to. Right out of the gate, this album starts with a great dancing song. BTW the Oh, Oh Oh’s in the background are a nice touch as well. Grade: B+

2. “Rude Boy”- After drying off the sweat from the skank session induced by the first song, this next song has more of a chill feel to it. This ditty is perfect for listening to while kicking back and sipping a cold beer (or beverage of choice). Grade: B+

3. “Da Hallow”-This song has a similar feel to “Rude Boy” but with almost a slightly darker undertone to it. But wait, the song changes around the 2:40 where the band really “picks it up” with more aggressive vocals and ska guitar. Also don’t miss the killer organ and sax solos. Grade: A

4. “Time”- A classic 90’s ska is found in “Time.” A toe-tapper for sure. Grade: A-

5. “Step Away”-Overall this is a good song, but is not one of my favorites. The vocals seem a little too relaxed, and could pack a little more punch. I do really appreciate the instrumentals at the end of the song . Grade: B

6. “Oblivious”- Let’s slow things down again with this slow groove of a song. The strength and range of the lead singer’s voice are showcased more in this song than probably any other up to this Album. Grade: B

7. “I Know”-This song is a battle dance between garage rock and ska. Although there were not instrument solos, this is still a pretty solid track. Grade: A-

8. “Circles”- Clocking in at only 1:21, this is the shortest track on the album. This being said, it’s a fun, catchy little tune. I dig it! Grade: B

9. “Graveyard Stomp”-Stomp out onto the dance floor with this catchy, upbeat song. I almost hate giving such a high score to an instrumental from a band that has vocals in the rest of their songs, but damn this song is hot. Grade: A

10. “Get Outta My Head”- This song is on par with the rest of the album and I strong way to finish. Even though this is the closing track, it never tires as it switches between faster and slower rhythms throughout the song. Grade: B+

After listening to “Almost as Good as Bad Pizza,” I was extremely disappointed that I had not heard of this band sooner. This was a great listen. Technically speaking, this album is on par with any recording out there. It does not feel over-produced, but also does not have that “ I recorded this in my bathroom” feel either. Musically, the Skunkadelics play like seasoned pros that could open for or even headline with any in the ska scene today (despite this only being their first full length album). It seems as if some bands will craft their songs with the guitar and drums and then the horn parts seem to be an afterthought. In contrast, the musical arrangement on this album seems well thought out having all the members of the band working as one cohesive unit. While “Almost as Good as Bad Pizza,” doesn’t venture very far from the ska path, they do steer clear from mediocrity with changing rhythms often during songs and prominent musical solos. I am also a sucker for any band that uses an organ/keyboard; kudos for that. In closing, this is a great album from a great and talented band. I look forward to the Skunkadelics leading the charge towards a 4th wave! Overall Grade: A-

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