We’re All Friends Here, Aren’t We?

From Ontario Canada, the 4-piece ska-punk unit High Top Society has dropped their debut album entitled “We’re All Friends Here.” This north of the border band brings 5 years of experience to the table with this musical offering. Let’s check it out…

1. “Wise Wizard”-treading down familiar punk territory with crunchy guitars, the mood quickly changes into a true skankin’ song. While I didn’t see it listed anywhere, I could detect a little organ towards the end of the song. This, along with the backing vocals makes this one great tune! Grade: A-

2. “Let’s Get Weird”-Raise your beers in the air for pub anthem song. Again High Top Society transitions nicely between the styles of punk and ska. Grade: B+

3. “Day-O”-Pop-punk at its finest. While the lead singer seems to belt things out more on this more than the previous songs, it is never strained or forced, nor does it take away from the quality of the music in the least. Another great song guys! Grade: A-

4. “Veggie Bill”-If you have been listening to ska for any length of time, than you’ve probably heard a hundred songs that start out as this one does. But it is not how you start that’s important, but how you finish. This song does just that. I really like the switching of vocal qualities between a more mellow tone and one of Anthony Kiedies-esque quality. Grade B+

5. “All Girls Ask That”-HTS finishes things off with another solid tune, with a killer guitar solo around the 2 minute mark. This one will make you move your feet, especially towards the end. Grade: B+


While I’m normally not a fan of ska-punk bands without a horn section, this EP really surprised me. While many bands fall on their face by creating a really hardcore punk sound, High Top Society sticks to what they do best and that’s more of a poppy-punk sound interlaced with traditional ska guitar licks. It is demonstrated in each and every song that High Top Society can certainly hold its own without the added instrumentation. Despite clocking in at only 12 minutes over 5 tracks, “Were All Friends Here” packs a major punch. These guys are the real deal! Overall Grade: B+/A-

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