Welcome to ‘America’

In a time where this country is on more unsteady ground than it has ever been for this current generation,AmN has aptly named their latest EP ‘America.’  No Person brings their hard rocking sound from Pittsburgh, PA.  Let’s check it out…


  1. “There’s a Fine Line Between Heaven and Here”- Straight up punk rock meets up with your classic ska beat. What starts out as your typical bratty punk vocals, quickly turns to a more aggressive sound.  Don’t miss the killer guitar solo near the end! Grade: B


  1. “You Only Get Two”- No Person starts things out with the bare essentials, just a drum and the bass, which sets the stage for the dual vocal assault. I really enjoyed the more “talky” vocals which reminded me of Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo.  Good stuff.  Grade: B+


  1. “The Cleavers Go Cutthroat”- Ooh more ska! This is a nicely crafted song with excellent transitions.  I’m not sure why but some of the guitar work reminds we of Dire Straits.  Grade: A-


  1. “It’s Not You, It’s Culture”- To be fair, I did enjoy the lyrics, however this one was a little to “raw” for me, with the vocals verging on screaming. Sorry guys.  Grade: C-


  1. “Lights! Camera! Destruction!- Clocking in at just under 1 minute, this is the shortest song on the album. Doing what they do best, No Person mounts a full on punk attack and then gets the hell out of there.  Grade: B


  1. “Anthology: The Righteous, The Innocuous and The Capitalist”- The closing track is a slight change of direction; it is quite a bit slower than the rest. It is just the right amount of punk and slow groove.  A great finish! Grade: A-


Punk fans rejoice!  With only 6 songs to make an impression, No Person makes their stamp on the punk world with their ska-infused blend.  Aggressive at its core, ‘America’ places it self right up there with other albums in the genre by more well-known national acts. More punk than ska, however, I liken it to  ‘…And Out Come the Wolves’ from Rancid.  Vocally, however, No Person is more like Anti-Flag.  Often times I grow tired with punk bands as they all sound the same after a while.  This band is different, as they not only interject the classic third-wave guitar riff, but also varying vocal styles as well.  There is also more musicianship found in the guitar spot as well.  As most of the straight up punk bands are growing greyer with old age, the torch needs to be passed on.  No Person is worthy recipient.


Overall Grade: B+



Check them out!


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