Things are Getting ‘Sketchie’

Hot of the presses is ‘Lost in Sedation’ by Sarasota, FL natives Sketchie. This latest release follows last year’s self-titled release. This 4-piece ska-punk unit has been hard at work seeing that they only formed last year. Let’s give ‘Lost in Sedation’ a little listen…

1. “Our Time”-Sketchie effortlessly switches from ska to punk with just a dash of surf from the start. The vocals fell a little flat with me, but overall this is a solid first track. Grade: B

2. “For Better or Worse”-There is certainly a ska element to “For Better or Worse” but the punk influences dominate. The vocals in this tune seem to be slightly more refined than on the first track. I dig it! Grade: B+

3. “Passing Phase”-Blistering fast punk rock! Don’t miss the killer guitar solo. Grade: B

4. “Freeze Up (Operation Ivy Cover)- I’ve never been a big fan of Operation Ivy, but in their cover of “Freeze Up” Sketchie pulls off an almost dead-ringer to the original, down to the guitar solo near the end. If I had to pick one as a favorite, I would lean towards Sketchie, as their version is a tad more polished than the Op.Ivy original. Grade: B+

If you like your punk with dose of ska then Sketchie is the band for you. Unapologetically loose in their style they remind me quite a bit of Operation Ivy. Including a cover song from this iconic band only seems fitting. At only 4 tracks in length, ‘Lost in Sedation’ gives both new and old fans alike a musical morsel that will keep them satisfied until the next full length is released. Although this album was apparently recorded in a garage, there is nothing lacking in sound quality. Musically speaking Sketchie plays a nice mix of straight up punk numbers as well as more ska-influenced tunes, sans horns of course. Vocally, Sketchie is what you would expect from a punk band, loud and gruff, but never grating. This being said, I did appreciate the vocals on the last three songs more so than the first. In summary, Sketchie pulls off a better than average collection of ditties on ‘Lost in Sedation’ that any punk purist will fall in love with.

Overall Grade: B/B+

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