Their Wurst Album?

Have you heard of Beebs and Her Money Makers?  Up until a few months ago, I must admit, I had not.  I had the opportunity to see them open up for Reel Big Fish earlier this year, and became an instant fan. I’m always on the look-out for ‘new’ bands and Beebs certainly did not disappoint.


As a follow up to last year’s “No Sleep Tonight” Beebs and Her Money Makers have just released their newest, entitled “Wurst Album Ever.”  Here is a breakdown:


1.)    Out the Door- If you are familiar with Beebs’ other albums, this song is aligned with the swanky, sultry vocals they are known for, along with punchy horns to start out the song.  A great way to start an album.  Also a great choice to make a video of.    Grade: A

2.)    Beautiful Gloomy- Starting slow but then picking up where the last song left off, this is also a great song to have as your ‘summer jam.’   Grade: B+/A-

3.)    Running Away- I’m a little on the fence with this song.  The high pitched shrills featured in this song might get pretty old on repeat listening, however I totally dig the sax and trombone solos at about the halfway mark.  Grade: B

4.)    Truth- With horns blaring from the get-go, you can not want to get off your feet and start dancing.  Great song; love it!  Grade A

5.)    Learn- I really like the swankiness of the horns in this song, but as a whole, in the words of Randy Jackson from America Idol fame, “it was just alright, with me dawg.”  Grade B-

6.)    Waterfalls- If Beebs is trying to reach a high school/college age demo, as I’ve seen at most ska shows, I doubt that most of their listeners have ever heard this song before.  This is a cover song, originally performed by the pop sensations? TLC.  I’ve always hated this song and have never been a fan of TLC either.  Sorry Beebs!  It was pretty awesome hearing this song live in concert, as a novelty.  Novelty songs, more often than not, fall short of being awesome.     Grade: D

7.)    Crazy- This is a great little ditty featuring the great Aaron Barrett from Reel Big Fish.  Starting with a traditional ska guitar and upbeat horns, try not tapping your foot to this one!  My only beef with this song is that is what featured on one of their previous albums.  I typically hate when bands do this, however I can see them wanting to do this if a) the first version was of poor quality or b) it is one of your better songs that you want to showcase to a larger fan-base that was around during the first album.  After listening to version of the “How to Start a Dance Party…” EP, the recording on this album is of much higher quality.  Nice job on this one guys!  Grade: A

8.)    Jammin- I’m not completely sold on this one.  The horns are great; however the vocals/lyrics are kind of lame.  Nothing more to say on this one.  Grade: C

9.)    Dialect on Preset- Funk it up!  Great vocals on this and funk guitar.  What’s not to like? Grade: B

10.)Miss Kaptain Kangaroo- As with the song ‘Crazy,’ ‘Miss Kaptain Kangaroo was also on a previous BAHMM album (“Welcome to Barter Town”).  This one leaves me scratching my head a little bit.  It is if they took two completely different sounding songs and spliced them together.  I do appreciate the harder guitars in the beginning but it does feature the same high-pitched shrills like “Running Away.”  Grade: B-

11.)Death to Ego- Beebs really belts it out in this soulful number.  Great horns, great voice, nuff said.  Grade: A-

12.)A Night’s Dream- While many bands will slow things down for their last song, not BAHMM!  These song steam-rolls ahead, in tune with the rest of the album.  Grade: A


Summary- I really love this album as a whole.  As with any album, there are songs that I enjoy more than others, but as a whole this CD flows well from song to song.  The production is great, but at no point does in feel ‘overproduced.’  Also the horns are easily heard on every song (One of my biggest pet peeves is when the horns are barely heard over the other instruments).  Nice job BAHMM, this is an album to be proud of!     Overall Grade: A-

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