The Most Original Name for an Album

I knew that the Taj Motel Trio has been around a few years, but I just learned that they have been entertaining fans since 1998. Their latest release, “4 Songs, 7 Inches” has been released not only on several different colors of 7” vinyl (hence the name), but digitally as well. Let’s have a listen…

1. “Burn it Down!”-TMT races out of the gate with this opening track. The horn section takes center stage amongst classic punk guitars. This is just a well-crafted song which also features a guitar solo not often seen with ska bands. Grade: A

2. “Up the Punx (in A440) – Being a ska fan since 1996, I have heard way too many songs that sound a lot like this. However, “Up the Punx (in A440)” is a fresh take on the otherwise formulaic ska-punk song. Reminiscent of old MU330, this song is a winner. Grade: A-

3. “Here We Go Again”-This light-hearted, peppy number is straight out of the 90’s third wave. It’s time to hit the skank pit! Grade: A-

4. “All Outta Angst”-Ooh a NOFx cover! While I typically enjoy originals more than covers (in any musical genre), this version is pretty comparable. The horn parts makes this a distinguishable, skanking song: Grade: A-

With only 4 tracks to this EP, Taj Motel Trio comes out swinging, laying down only their best stuff. Overall, this album sounds great, and although each song is done in the ska-punk style, there is enough variety here to keep you going from start to finish. Ben Sander’s voice has a punk edge, but still very enjoyable to listen to, unlike many in the ska-punk subset. The horn section is loud, in your face, and sets this band apart from other bands in the crowd. While “4 Songs, 7 Inches” may be a tasty morsel of musical goodness, it leaves me and other hungry fans begging for more! Grade: A

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