The Meow Meows-‘Friends on Benefits’

It is time to show some love to the ska bands overseas. I would like to introduce the Meow Meows, a nine-piece from Brighton, UK. This past June they released a 3-song EP entitled ‘Friends on Benefits.’ Let’s check it out. Pushing play…now!

1. “Friends on Benefits”- Everything about this song is pure audio candy. Hypnotic vocals paired with tight horn section and organ will make this a truly unique tune. I have not been able to get this out of my head since I first heard it. Grade: A

2. “London Road”- The Meow Meows pull off another danceable number in this next tune. I really enjoy how the saxophone pulls away from the rest of the horn section. Also the harpsichord is another added touch. Great song! Grade: A

3. “Tits & Hatred”- This song is all over the map, from garage-rock-with-horns to some pretty kooky organ parts. Rather upbeat in nature like the other two songs, this will keep you dancing all night. Grade: A-

Several weeks before doing this review, I had heard the title track of this album and was blown away. The stand out here is the almost hypnotic vocals performed by the lead vocalist (known only as Danny) which have a softer, yet haunting quality at times. The horn section is amazing and the organ remains in the forefront during each and every song. Each ditty is upbeat in nature and defines the sub-genre of ‘danceable ska.’ Trust me, these songs will get stuck in your head as you skank the night away (and drive to work the next morning!). I normally don’t have an issue with a band releasing and EP as usually they unleash their best stuff, but three songs seem like a tease. Salivating ska fans have been given a small glimpse into the musical world of this exciting band which plays a truly unique brand of ska. Check out this album, it’s darn near purrrrrfect!

Overall Grade: A

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