Testing the “Limits”

The New Limits is a Boston-based band comprised of 8 members.  Starting to play in 2013, they take their love of 90’s ska and put their own spin on it.  They have just released their debut EP entitled “Pressure Up.”  Let’s try this one on for size…


  1.  “Pressure Up”-Steady drum beats start out this opening track, with the horn section not too far behind.  Add in some smooth vocals, and some organs, and you have yourself a good ol’ dancing ska song.  Good stuff!  Grade: A-


  1. “Compass”- The New Limits give us another solid song with “Compass.”  Its organ-heavy sound will keep you off of your seat, especially with the guitar solo around the 2 minute mark.  Grade: A-


  1. “Saturday Morning”- “Saturday Morning” gives us more of a big-band kind of feel.  So take off your skankin’ shoes, and lace up your wingtips, this song will have you tapping your toe for sure.  Grade: A-


  1. “You’re Not Ready”-With classic 90’s guitar riffs and a prominent horn section, this song is straight outta the 3rd wave.  This song is a delight for the new ska fan, but a trip down memory lane for us that are veteran listeners.  Grade: B+


The New Limits were certainly raised on the tunes during the heyday of American ska; however their take on the genre is no carbon copy.  While I do see some similarities to the band Skapone, The New Limits, despite being in their infancy as a band, seems more polished in vocal quality and song-writing.  I really enjoyed the combination of both organs and horn section; many bands have one or the other, not both.  The vocals are also smooth and never strained.  In an endless sea of traditional bands and ska-punk units, the New Limits play a very enjoyable, danceable breed of ska, often left-behind in the 90’s.  With only 4 songs to this disc, I beg you for more!  Grade: A-

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