Part VIII-What Do You Know About Ska Punk?, Vol. 1

71. Mad Dog & The 20/20s-“In My Head”- Even though the vocalist found in Madeline Christensen is indistinguishable from many of the other female leads in ska, the vocal quality is top notch.  I do love me some female-fronted ska!  Awesome song lady and gents!  Grade: A

72. Chewed Up-“Advice”-Well, I like the guitars, otherwise the screaming (once again) is not my thing. Grade: F

73.Craiggae Shark-“Astro Zombies”- Changing pace from the last song, Craiggae Shark unleashes a traditional number with sweet female backing vocals.  The song felt short to me; I could have listened to more of this.  Grade: B+

74. Atrocity Solution-“Banshee”- In my opinion, this is an awesome song, musically, which has been ruined by the vocals.  Not feeling this one either.  Grade: D

75. The Copacetics-“Six Outta Seven”- Playing more of a traditional brand of ska, the Copacetics represent with their raspy vocals and swanky sound.  This song is a great representation of their other work, so if you dig this (as I do!) check out their albums.  Grade: B+

76. Beat Brigade-“401 Kill”- Beat Brigade’s sound reminds me a lot of the Toastes.  This makes sense as they have been around just as long.  Big ups for staying the course!  Ska forever!  Grade: B+

77. Primeval Soup”-We Won’t Take It”- Punk Rock! Add some rap-style lyrics and constantly changing guitar parts and you have this unique entry.  It’s okay.  Grade: C

78. General Tso’s Fury-“Spoiler Alert”-GTF features an excellent horn section and sometimes jumps into the realm of pop-punk. This is a fun little ditty, with a swanky part near the end (featuring a muted trumpet!) Grade: A-

79. Matamoska-“Mario Bros Before Hoes”- Oh man- I love, love, love danceable ska!  There is almost an industrial feel to this song as well.  Very inventive, however, I’m not a big fan of the death metal vocals.  Grade: B+

80. MONKEY-“Jerk”- MONKEY is another band on this compilation that has weathered the storm in this genre. “Jerk” is a great song, but not my favorite off their latest.  Grade: A


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