Part VII-What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 1

61. Origin Story-“I Forgot My Mustache Comb”- Yep, there is a ska guitar in here, but vocally this is all over the place. There is traditional singing, more punchy vocals and even screaming, which I’m afraid does not work very well.  Grade: D

62. Black Star Dub Collective-“Vampire (Roots Dubplate)”- “Vampire” is your traditional reggae song featuring killer female back-up vocals.  Good stuff.  Grade: B+

63. Zero 2 Panic-“Hey Thanks”- Another band that reminds me vocally of The Insyderz. Zero 2 Panic incorporates more of a straight up rock and roll sound (vs. punk) to this featured song.  Grade: C+

64. Rundown Kreeps-“Seem to Care”-I don’t normally like 3-piece bands in the ska genre, but I dig these guys. I really like the lead singer’s voice.  I can’t  vouch for their other tunes, but this one there was some clunkiness/awkwardness with the lyrics, but overall, this is a solid tune.  Grade: B

65. Sketchie-“For Better or Worse”- I’m not sure if it is the quality of the recording, this is a rather raw form of punk, with just a sprinkle of ska. Even though it sound s like it’s being played in a garage, this song just works.  Grade: B

66. Stereotype the Masses-“Where’s the Booch”- Altough there are some punk elements found here, the vocals are surprisingly pleasing. The lone saxophone sets the tone of this wacky Fishbone-eaque tune.  Grade: B

67. The Big News-“Quit My Job Today”- A bombastic job done by the horn section makes this an excellent tune.  The vocals sound familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.  Anyway, I like these guys!  Grade: A-

68. Something To Do-“Tina Fey II”- Despite this being a novelty song, this one will get you skankin’ for sure. If you are in Wisconsin, check out these guys.  They put on one helluva show!  Grade: A

69. One Last Meal-“Tadang Panaong”- How can you  go wrong with a ska punk instrumental?  Great song guys!  Grade: A-

70. Three Grams-“Hallelujah”-I normally hate songs like this. The vocal quality here is better than most bands of the hardcore variety.  I will give some kudos for that, but downgrade only because I don’t like hardcore.  Grade: C

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