Part V-“What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 1”

41. The Hostiles-“Night Out”- Everything about this song is great; upbeat with bratty punk vocals with blaring horns and a low-roaring organ. I did appreciate the switching of vocalist and the quirkiness of the lead.  I’m not sure I could listen to an entire album of this particular vocalist, but I would love to find out more about this band.  This song is great!  Grade: A-

42. Bitter Grounds-“Pressure”- Rockin’ from across the pond, Bitter Grounds mixes rock and dirty reggae. The lead’s voice can be considered somewhat abrasive, I eventually acquired the taste (sound?) for it and appreciated this song for it’ gritty edge.  Grade: B

43. Bomb Flower-“Surveillance”- One of the harder tunes on the album thus far, this is mostly a punk song with sporadic ska guitar parts. There was also a haunted/spooky vibe near the middle.  While I personally downgrade for screaming, this is a band to watch.  Grade: B-

44. Dead Rejects-“Lonliness”- If Tim Armstrong and the lead singer from Slapstick had a punk love child, this is what it would sound like. Not my thing per se, however this is an excellent recording with straight up punk with a tad of ska thrown in for good measure.  Grade: B

45. Rude King-“Walk Away”- I love Rude King! Leading the show are John E Bravo and Vicki which are pure ear candy.  Throw in the rest of the band and you have the perfect ska package.  If you like this recording, you will love them live!  Grade: A

46. Faintest Idea-“Circling the Drain”- With the vocals being a little more aggressive than I typically enjoy, for some reason I really dig this tune.  Faintest Idea takes the ska punk package and dresses it with more soothing female backing vocals and laser blasts!  Check it out.  Grade: B+

47. Union Jack-“Oh Boogie!”- Although I typically enjoy dual vocalists, this tune did not sit as well for me.  I do like the organ however.    Grade: C

48. Must Build Jacuzzi-“Hey You, Skank!” With a clever play on words, this is a fast paced number that will wear out your checkered Vans in no time.  A great mix of both punk and ska elements with horns just like I like them; loud and in my face!  Grade:  B

49. Conscious Youth-“No Borders”- I wasn’t sure what I was listening to from the start, with elements of techno and Indian music. Add some smooth female vocals and a reggae slant on things and you have yourself “No Borders.”  This was very refreshing contrast after listening to a bunch of punk numbers and just a great song in general.  Grade: A

50. Anti-Venon-“The Spectacular Failure of Wishful Thinking”- This is one of those songs that you just have to listen to, and is almost indescribable.  I will do my best.  Image a ska band listening to techno while running through a haunted house.  I certainly appreciate the experimental nature of this, I’m just not sure it’s my thing.  Grade: C


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