Part III-‘What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 1’






21. No Cops For Miles-“It Doesn’t Matter (Feat.The Worst & The Stupid Stupid Henchmen)”- The screaming is awful. The vocals and the         instrumentation seem to be going in completely opposite directions.  Also it sounds as if this was recorded in a garage.  Grade: F

22. Part One Tribe-“Selena”- Part One Tribe, helmed by ROB-D brings it with their reggae rock style. The vocals seem to be coming out of a much older gentlemen, which adds some much appreciated depth to their sound.  Why have I never heard of this band before? Grade: A-

23. Stupid Flanders-“Infectious”- Acoustic guitars rarely work for me, when it comes to incorporating it into the genre.  They quickly switch to more familiar territory with the typical third wave guitar riff and blaring horns.  Fun song!  Grade: B

24. The Great Asian Psycopath-“Politricks”- These guys are a 2-piece punk outfit (with a virtual drummer!) adding just a sprinkle of ska to the mix.  There was really nothing here that  stood out for me about this song.  Grade: C

25. The Hempsteadys-“Charlie Dynamite”- Starting out with a bit of a disco flare, the instrumentation hear is top-notch. Once again, not being in love with the vocals, I downgrade only based upon that.  Grade: B

26. Navarro & The Traitors-“Youth Not Wasted”- While I like the unique vocals of Eric Abbey, this song was just ok with me. There seems to be a lot going on in this gritty tune, and I’m not sure they all flow together.  Grade: C

27. The Pisdicables-“”Spooky”- Organs are found more with traditional ska bands and tend to be overlooked with the punkier bands.  The Pisdicables place the organs and raging horns as a pivotal part of their sound (at least in this song).  I dig it.  Grade: B

28. The Shop-“Jumbie Jamboree”- The Shop has not  re-invented traditional ska, but they certainly are close to perfecting it.  Sweet rocksteady grooves are found here with smooth vocals and an awesome horn solo.  Grade: A-

29. MC Lars-“Sublime With Rome (Is Not the Same Thing As Sublime)(Feat.Roger Lima of Less Than Jake & Suburban Legends)”- Poking fun at the  music industry and bands that continue rocking without key members, this all-star cast delivers one of the catchiest songs on this album.  A great ska anthem!  Grade: A

30. The Land Before Tim-“Charlene”- I’m not really sure what to make up this band.  The self-proclaimed skacore band from Chicago, has more of an up-tempo sound switching between raspy vocals and  traditional soulful singing.  This reminds me of a punked up version of 3 Minute Hero (from the Minneapolis area).  Grade: C-


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