P-Funk North: ‘Quake and Bake’

Rock and Reggae collide in P-Funk North’s latest release ‘Quake and Bake.”  This live album is a follow up to a studio album put out only a year ago.  Let’s light it up…

  1. “Love at First Site”- Alright kids, it’s time to pull out your High Times back issues, sit back and take in the slow- jam vibes.  P-Funk kicks out this show with a laid back reggae tune.  Check out the sweet guitar solo near the 3 minute mark.  Grade: B+


  1. “More Than Meets the Eye”- P-Funk cranks up their amps to 11 in this next tune. “More Than Meets the Eye” switches between crunchy guitars and the classic reggae/ska guitar bit.  Lyrically, this one’s a little all over the place.  It’s alright.  Grade: B


  1. “Come Together”- I love it when bands cover songs outside of their genre.  These guys go straight to the top and cover the Beatles!  P-Funk adds more of a psychedelic edge to this well-known classic.    Grade: B-


  1. “Hit the Bowl”- How did I know that there was going to be a song about smoking weed? This song has more of a ska vibe, vs. the reggae heard in the previous songs. The rap style lyrics fell a little flat with me, and overall, this one is just okay.  Grade: C


  1. “Smoke Two Joints”-I was not aware that this song was originally done by Toyes; I was only familiar with the Sublime version (as most of you probably are). This pot smoking song is a little bit more put together than the last one, with its awesome guitar solo.  ’  Grade: B+


  1. “Feel It In Your Blood”-I’m beginning to see a theme here. P-Funk lays down another edgy reggae number about doing drugs.  Musically, I’m feeling it, but the lyrics were cumbersome at times.  Grade: B-


  1. “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”- If Billy Joel grew out some dreadlocks and smoked two joints, this is what it would sound like.  A fun version of an old favorite.  Grade: B-


  1. “Jealousy”-“Jealousy” is probably the strongest tune on the album, with kind of a “beach reggae” feel. The raspiness of the vocals could have been turned down just a tad, but an enjoyable song none the less. Grade: B+


  1. “Beat It”-P-Funk takes on another heavy hitter in covering a Michael Jackson song. I really appreciated the slower pace to this one as well the amazing guitar solo.  They also interjected their own lyrics into the mix, which was cool as well.  Nice job!  Grade: B+


  1. “Sugercoat”- Another laid back ditty in the same style as “Jealousy.” I began enjoying this song, initially, but then it just drug on and on for me.  Grade: B


  1. “I Shot The Sheriff”- This is how you end a concert, with one of the most popular reggae songs from the most famous reggae artist.  Grade: B+


I always love me a good live album.  They are void of any studio magic and you get to clearly listen to the musical chops of the band.  This is the next best thing to attending a concert yourself, which is not always on option.  Getting more specific, P-Funk North’s ‘Quake and Bake’ has been an enjoyable trip (pun intented).  While I am not totally on board with Dave’s singing voice, I appreciated the overall grittiness to all of their tunes.  This is a nice mix of both originals and cover tunes alike.  It would have been an easier task to have only covered only ska and reggae tunes (such as “I Shot the Sherriff” and “Smoke Two Joints”), but P-Punk stretches a bit by putting their own spin on some modern classics  There is also a nice balance between the laid back and those tunes  that  go full on rock mode. If you are a fan of Sublime and Pepper, give these New Jersy boys a listen.  You won’t be disappointed.


Overall Grade: B

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