Let’s Get Baked!

Relatively new to the scene is the 7-piece combo Baked Potatoes from Oneonta New York. They have just unleashed their brand of ska/reggae/punk in their debut EP entitled, “Waiting for the Weekend.” Let’s check it out…

1. “Neon Top”- After hearing the steel drums at the start of the song, I knew I was in for something refreshingly different. While the lyrics are sung with a “high school boy’s mentally”, this is still a great groove that puts you in the mood to soak up the hot rays on the beach. Grade: B+

2. “Going Through the Motions”- With prominent horns throughout, this ditty is more soulful with a traditional rocksteady beat. I enjoy the vocals and great harmonies in this song more than the first. The guitarist can also certainly hold his own as proven by the sweet solo at the 2 minute mark. Grade: A-

3. “Seeding”- “Seeding” is of slower pace than the previous tracts in the style of dub. I’m not normally a fan of the echo and manipulation of sounds in dubstyle, but with its vocal harmonies and subdued horn parts, this song just works. Grade: A-

4. “Quicksand”- While not a ska song per se, this song will definitely make you want to groove. Take 2 parts “jam band” and add 1 part “horns” with just a pinch of “psychedelic” and you have “Quicksand.” Another solid track. Grade: B+

It’s always fun to discover new bands and discovering Baked Potatoes was no exception. Although being a newer band, their overall sound is unlike any I’ve heard in the genre, mixing various types of musical styles. Although it contains only four songs, Waiting for the Weekend’s greatest strength is that each song is distinct and does not sound like any other song on the album. This is a feat that even some seasoned bands cannot pull off. Also the vocals are smooth with carefully crafted instrumentals that make the entire album fit together. My only critique of this album was that it is too short. Just as I was wondering what the next song would sound like, it was over. I do, however, appreciate a band getting their material out there and trying to make a name for themselves, instead of waiting to record an entire LP. Baked Potatoes has shown that they do not have to stick to the beaten path of traditional ska or reggae or punk. They can easily pull off different musical styles with success, much like the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies or the Mad Cadies (a couple of my favorites) and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Waiting for the Weekend is a genre-bending, musical grab-bag that will tease fans, making them beg for more. Grade: A-

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