I plan on getting my reviews out quicker, but I’m “Behind Deadlines!”

If ska-punk is your thing than look no further than Behind Deadlines.  This 5-piece out of Philadelphia has released a brand new EP entitled ‘Before Summer Ends.’  Let’s get right to the tunes…


  1. “Unfalling Apart”- Catchy pop-punk-ska never gets old in this fresh take on the genre. Pleasant vocals and well placed horn parts get this EP started on the right foot!  Grade: B+


  1. “Break Me Down”- Although short in length, this song still packs a punch. Not too heavy on the punk element, this little ditty is sure to appeal to the masses!  Grade: A-


  1. “Office Party”- Starting out a little harder than the previous tunes, the tone quickly switches to familiar territory. I felt that the horns could have been a little louder as they were somewhat difficult to hear over the guitar at times.  But overall, this is a great tune with great vocal harmonies thrown in for good measure.  Grade: B+


  1. “Rebellion Island”- Behind Deadlines saves their best effort for last in this ska party song. Don’t stop skankin’!  Grade: A


While short in length, ‘Before Summer Ends’ is certainly not small in stature.  In a subgenre (skapunk) that lends itself to all bands sounding the same, Behind Deadlines stays on top by incorporating more of a pop sound then most.  In the heyday of pop-punk, bands like Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy ruled the day.  Behind Deadlines have ratcheted up this sound with the addition of ska guitar and a killer horn section.  Do I feel that they deserve the same radio airplay as these aforementioned bands?  You bet.  Their overall sound will appeal to the both non ska and ska fans alike.  While 4 songs are certainly not enough to quench your thirst, it will certainly give you a taste of what this band is all about.  Great stuff and kudos to Behind Deadlines!


Overall Grade: A-


Check them out!




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