How Many Days Until Tomorrow?

Two Days Until Tomorrow’ from Youngstown, OH have just released a 5 song EP entitled “Obstacles: Part 1.” This 6-piece band has been rocking the scene since 2011. This current release follows 3 other EPs. Let’s take a listen to “Obstacles: Part 1.”

1. “Stay Out a While”- I am a sucker for a good instrumental, and this is no exception. A traditional ska beat leads the way while the horn’s blare makes this opening song a winner. There is also a slight dub feel near the end of the song created by the fading in and out effect. Grade: B+

2. “Father’s Day”- What starts out as they type of ska song that I have heard hundreds of times before by countless other bands, takes a fresh turn by the emotional slowed down moments in the song. The horns pack a punch once again, especially near the conclusion. This is a new and exciting take on a true ska staple. Grade: A-

3. “Searching”- “Searching,” with its slower pace, takes more of a reggae feel and then the tempo picks up. TDUT also adds a little surf rock and some Latin horn parts into the mix as well. Overall this song draws from many influence and just plain works. Try to get this one out of your head! Grade: A

4. “Temptation”- Combing a little hard rock and dub to the ska groundwork, this edgier song is fantastic. The vocals are a nice contrast in this darker song. Grade: A

5. “The Path Between the Virtues of Good and Evil”- Time to punk it up in this closing track. I really enjoy the sparing use of acoustic guitar and vocal harmonization. Crank it up! Grade: A

First I must admit two things. First off, up until recently, I have not been familiar with Two Days Until Tomorrow. Second, I’ve never been a big fan of EP albums. After my initial listen to this new album, I can now say that I am a fan of both. Of the EPs that I have reviewed, it’s seems that because there are less songs than found on an LP, bands bring their best stuff to the table. TDUT does just this in ‘Obstacles: Part 1.’ Like many bands, there is an amalgamation of several genres and on this release it is done effortlessly. There is a the familiar ska-guitar that we all know and love, but then there is also elements of punk, but even hard rock and surf as well. What is most striking to me is the vocals. There are many bands that flood the ska punk market with aggressive (and often crappy) vocals. Frank Toncar, the lead mic-man is a breath of fresh air with the vocal quality of any boyband member, past or present. This softer vocal styling is a nice contrast to the peppy or even harder guitar parts. I can proudly say that I am a new fan of Two Days Until Tomorrow’ and salivating already for their next release (Obstacles: Part 2?)

Overall Grade: A-

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