Good Riddance to Good Advice

While many bands wait several years between releases, Kill Lincoln has dropped their follow up to the 2013 album “That’s Cool… in a Totally Negative and Destructive Way” with its latest offering “Good Riddance to Good Advice.” Kill Lincoln is a ska punk outfit from Washington DC and is currently on tour.  Let’s give this a listen…


  1. “Ronald…Help Me”-Starting out in true punk fashion, “Ronald…Help Me” is a great start to this album.  Both the guitar parts and the horn lines remind me a lot of the “Pezcore” and “Losing Streak” albums by Less Than Jake.  Grade: A-


  1. “Good Riddance to Good Advice”-Loud pounding drums and catchy horns meld into the classic punk ska number.  This song rocks on all levels.  I dig it!  Grade: A


  1. “Days I Spent Inside”-Whether backing the lightning fast punk guitars or standing alone, the horn parts, once again, make this a memorable tune. Kill Lincoln does not shy away from a more poppy sound on this song, which is its biggest strength.  Some bands try to sound “too hard” and this seems to take away from the overall enjoyability of the song.  No sir, not here; this is a solid tune: Grade: B+


  1. “Fire Starter”-The first 30 seconds of this already short song sounds like a rehearsal session.  After this they take a dramatic turn in styles with more hardcore, screaming type lyrics.  I am not a fan screaming in music, which is not a knock on the “musicianship” of the song, just personal preference.  Whenever a band strays from their usual style, it will resonate with some listeners and not with others.  I just happened to be one guy who did not like this song as much as the others.  Grade: D


  1. “$8 Beer Night”- Kill Lincoln goes back to familiar territory with “$8 Beer Night.”  Containing a harder edge than maybe some of the other songs, none of the musicianship is lost along the way.  This is another great song!  Grade: B+


  1. “I’m Getting Too Old for this Shit”- Using the same formula as most of the other songs on this album (with the exception of “Fire starter”), this song isn’t very distinguishable from the others.  That being said, this song is still a winner, as Kill Lincoln sticks with what they do best.  Grade: A-


When reviewing an album, it’s almost impossible not to draw comparisons to other bands.  It’s a good thing that Kill Lincoln sounds like a combination of two bands that I really love; Less Than Jake and New   Found Glory.  Aside from one song above (I think I have harped on this enough), Kill Lincoln has honed their craft in the ska punk niche with this EP.  Overall, the production value is top notch, making every instrument stand out, as well as the vocals.  Despite the more mellow tone of the saxophone, it never drowns out the rest the horns, and works very nicely during every song.  All in all, I really enjoyed this album and it took me back to my college years, when the only ska, in my mind, was ska punk.  When it comes to ska punk bands, Kill Lincoln deserves to be at the top of the heap, and with “Good Riddance to Good Advice,” they have created an album fans will ‘Kill’ for.  Overall Grade: B+



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