Dust off your “Copper Crown!”

So what do we know about Copper Crown?  A relatively newcomer on the scene, this 5-piece started  playing tunes just last year.  Calling Toronto their home base, Copper Crown has just released their first self-titled EP.  I can’t wait to dive in…


  1. “The Messenger”- Racing forward with quick tempo and a lone trumpet, “The Messenger” is the perfect blend of soulful vocals and danceable ska.  Great song!  Grade: A


  1. “Johnny Muskrat”-Copper Crown stays away from the traditional ska guitar and leans more towards a 90’s alternative feel in this next track. Throw in some pop inspired lyrics about a Muskrat?  and you’ve got yourself one catchy tune.  Grade: A


  1. “Summer Haze”-Slightly slower than the previous songs, this one still packs a punch. The trumpet is the icing on the cake of this reggae rock scorcher.  Grade:A


  1. “Irene”- Slowing things even further, “Irene” really highlights the beautiful vocals of Gabrielle Byrnes. Oh snap! Copper Crown rocks out near the end before settling back to softer, more soulful territory.  Grade: A


Whether the sub-genre is traditional ska or ska of the punk variety, a lot of bands tend to sound the same after a while.  While most bands are happy blending into the crowd, others try to blaze their own musical trail, only to fail miserably.  Copper Crown is the exception, creating a truly unique listening experience which is nothing short of amazing, considering that this is their first release.  It is usually easy for me to drawn comparisons to other bands when doing reviews, but with Copper Crown, I cannot.  Sure Cake might have a trumpet in the band, but I think the similarities end there.  Copper Crown melds several styles of rock and ska in a way that feels natural and never forced.   I usually enjoy my ska bands with several horns, but the single trumpet here is brilliant.  The listener gets to really appreciate its tone and excellent solo work, when it is not muddled with a bunch of other instruments.  This brings me to the Queen Bee of Copper Crown, Miss Gabrielle Byrnes.  Anyone who listens to this recording will immediately be drawn to her talented soulful voice,that could pull off any musical style under the sun.  Sure there are many great voices out there, even within the ska genre, but Gabrielle’s are unlike any I have heard—a unique gift.  This is an excellent recording that deserves all the praise I have given it.  I am really excited about this band and what they have in store of the future.  For now I will crown them king for today!


Overall Grade: A




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