Today I introduce, Sweet Lucy, hailing from Staten Island, New York.  After forming in 2011, this new collection of songs, entitled “Metatonia,” is the first for the band.  Let’s have a little listen shall we?


  1. “Bad Day”- Followed by the brief intro, rocking guitar riffs come onto the scene.  This song has a classic 90’s rock and roll kind of feel.  Grade: B-


  1. “Conscience”-The whistling that starts out the song lets the listener know they are in for a change of pace from the first track.   This is a laid back summer jam of a song.  I dig it!  Grade: A-


  1. “Pinnochio”- This is a fresh take on the “ punk rock with a classic ska guitar” song.  Although this type of song has done before by countless other bands, this has a brand spankin’ new feel to it.  Grade: A-


  1. “Restless”-With the gritty police intro I was expecting a hard hitting punk rock number.  However, what follows is a cross between slower rock and reggae.  The raspy vocals and echo effects add to the gritty, dirty feeling to this song.  I like this song a lot!  Grade: A


  1. “Can’t Catch a Break”- Raspy vocals continue with this “dirty reggae” number which makes my want to take a stroll on the beach.  Sweet Lucy finishes things out with a pretty solid track with “Can’t Catch a Break.”  Grade: B+


When reviewing an EP, it is sometimes difficult to get an overall feel for a band over the course of only a handful of songs.  Sweet Lucy does a nice job at showcasing their style with these five songs, giving the listener a glimpse (hopefully) of what is to come in the form of another EP or full length. While I am not a super huge fan of the straight up rock and roll style found in “Bad Day,” Sweet Lucy has found their sweet spot with the remainder of the songs on this great EP.  What sets “Conscience” above many other songs in the genre are the super-smooth vocals and whistling.  It has a total relaxed feeling, taking you back to a better day.  The rest of the songs feature more powerful vocals, which can sometimes take away from a song, but not in this case.  The fun, punk-poppy nature of “Pinnochio” is contrasted with the edgier feelings of “Restless” and “Can’t Catch a Break.”  Metatonia is a must have for anyone into the reggae/rock genre.  I think this EP is pretty SWEET and so will you!  Overall Grade:B+/A-

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