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Hey everyone, The Phonosonics have just released a new single, in which they have pressed onto green vinyl.  Let’s drop the needle on this one…


  1. “Between Two Headphone”- Smudging the line between traditional ska and reggae, this first track is a laid-back “stay in bed” kind of tune. Super soulful vocals with awesome range with the backdrop of a “tinny” guitar (or ukulele, I’m not sure).  Not overlooking any subtleties, The Phonosonics include a pinch of saxophone and just a tad of dub.  Great song!  Grade: A


  1. “Dark-Haired Lady”- The B side uses the same elements as mentioned on the first track(mellow saxophone and dub) this song is just as enjoyable as the first.  Another slower tune; this will not make you bang your head or skank in the pit, but rather soak up the methodical rocksteady beat and sweet vocals.  Grade: A


With a touch of old fashioned sound, The Phonosonics have released an extremely enjoyable single.  When I say The Phonosonics, I really mean Spencer Cleave, the mastermind behind this entire project.   Spencer recorded this single (the vocals and all of the instrumentation) in his basement.  Listening to the sound quality here, the aforementioned is truly an impressive feat.  Musically, each song was written with the basic ska/rocksteady framework, with much attention paid to detail.  The vocals are refreshing, taking me back to old soul or Motown.  This will be a definite no-go for the ska punk purists but those that dig older or traditional sounds, Spencer is your man.  I thoroughly enjoyed this release; it has wet my appetite for more.  A full length cannot come soon enough!


Overall Grade: A


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