Are You ‘Easily Distracted?”

After 4 years and last year’s full length album, Bumsy and the Moochers have put out another EP.  The ‘Easily Distracted’ EP is a collection of 5 songs, from this Chicago-based sextet.  Let’s check it out…


  1. “22 Chicago Avenue”- Let’s start things out with ska-infused garage rock. Fast and loose is the name of the game in this female fronted opener.  Grade: B


  1. “All This Time”- Great song! The Moochers tighten things up in this well written punk number.  Blaring horns mixed with smooth vocal harmonies.  Thumbs up. Grade: A-


  1. “Don’t Feed the Pigeons”- Rather than a sleepy little tune reminiscent of sitting in the park, “Don’t Feed the Pigeons” gives this notion the middle finger. Obscenity-laced ska-punk in the most unapologetic way.  Grade: B


  1. “Guilty Pleasure”- For the record, there is nothing wrong with Sum 41(just listen to the song, you’ll get it). As the name suggests, everyone listens to music that would be considered a guilty pleasure.  Unfortunately, my guilty pleasures are more cringe-worthy than any band listed in this song (B-52’s, Devo and 3 Doors Down).  Fun song!  Grade: B+


  1. “JP Knows How to Party”- JP are my initials so maybe this song is about me! Although the lyrics are quite repetitive, this is a great song nonetheless.  It actually feels like the band could be playing this one at an all-night frat party -Grade: B+



Bumsy and the Moochers play punk the way it is meant to be played; loud, and rowdy.  Add a few horns and you have the hardest hitting ska punk band this side of the Mississippi.  Although at times the instrumentation drowns out the vocals just a tad, this is a great collection of songs.  There may be only 5 tracks (making fans beg for more!), however, each song is unique in its own right.  The standouts here are the raucous guitar work and the easy- on- the- ears vocals of Caitlin Edwards.  Caitlin proves herself here, but I would like to see her stretch herself in the future in a slower, more soulful number perhaps.  The horn section certainly gives this band a “ska sound” however I felt that at least with this recording, their sound was somewhat tamped out.  I hope I get to see these guys to see if this truly is the case, or just a mixing thing.  Overall, I enjoyed this album, as I am always biased towards female fronted bands.  To draw comparison, they sound like a less “poppy” ‘Half Past Two,’  more in line with fellow Illinois skankers ‘Run and Punch.’   So don’t get ‘distracted’ and check out the latest release from Bumsy and the Moochers!


Overall Grade: B+


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