Another album review, just for the halibut!

The Resignators, who come from a land down under, have dropped their latest album; a six song EP entitled ‘Fish Outta Water.’ This is certainly not their first trip to the rodeo, as the Resignators have 5 other albums to date. Let’s sit back and listen…

1. “Fish Outta Water”-The title track of this EP is chock full of powerful vocals and catchy horns. This song is a little bit more upbeat than some of their previous material and pays tribute to another great ska band; Reel Big Fish. Grade: B

2. “Life in Limbo”-This next tune builds up slowly with screechy guitar and loud/ brash percussion. The horns and especially the organ add a little pep to the otherwise dark, dirty ska-rock number. Great song! Grade: A-

3. “My Pal (God Cover)”- From the moment this song starts, you know you are in for a full out ska punk melee. This would be a great song by itself, but once again, the organ and horns set this song apart from the countless other harder rock songs out there. I also enjoy where the Resignators slow things down a bit before mounting their next attack. Grade: A-

4. “Lest We Forget”- Vocally, this is the catchiest song so far, but this is not pop-punk by any stretch. This song still is still in line with the Resignator’s harder sound. I really enjoy the extra vocalist in this song as well. Grade: A

5. “Blackjack Swing”- Taking a little bit of a turn in direction, The Resignators mix things with this swing number. This is not the swing your grandparents listened to or even the chart-topping neo swing from the late 1990’s. This brand of swing is loud and in your face and a helluva good time. Grade: A

6. “Buy More Shit”- Musically, this is another ska-punk number, but I just don’t resonate with the singing in this one. Grade: C

After 10 years and 6 albums, the Resignators have their style pretty well dialed in. They certainly bring the hard punk ska sound they are known for on every track of “Fish Outta Water.” The vocals are aggressive and at times gravely, but never a strain to listen to. The guitars are loud and punchy, whether playing punk power chords or classic ska guitar. The horn section is a major player in every song as well, not content with keeping it low key in the background. Next I must mention the organ. The organ is a staple in traditional ska outfits, but for some reason is more of a rarity in ska punk (or a self-proclaimed psychoska) bands. I would have enjoyed an organ solo or two; however, Stacey’s ivory- tickling efforts have not gone unnoticed. Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of songs, but like many EPs, I am wishing for more. This, my friends is the catch of the day!

Overall Grade: A-

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