A Warm Welcome to Crabhammer!

Georgia natives Crabhammer are set to release their debut album entitled ‘Peer Pressure at a High school Party.” This 7-piece ska-core outfit is in their infancy as a band, as they formed earlier this year. Let’s dive into this album…

1.“I Know a Drummer Who Can’t Play This Song”- For death metal or hardcore or whatever you want to call it, it’s a good song, I guess. I have never been fan of this kind of music with deep growling vocals. I didn’t really resonate with this song, but I do like the blaring horns found here. Grade: D

2. “Offend Pop Punk”- Crabhammer switches t from hard metal to punk, interjected with classic ska guitar riffs. The less-gruff vocals and excellent use of saxophone make this a solid tune. Grade: B

3. “The Future is NOW!!!”- “The Future is NOW!!” is an eclectic mix of synthesizer, horns and screaming vocals. I really enjoy the fast-paced horns and overall “spacey” feel created by the synthesizer, but once again, I am not totally on board with the vocals: Grade: C-

4. “Everlong”- This is Crabhammer’s first attempt at more of a melodic punk style, in which they hit a home run. Everything about this is song is greats, from the vocals, to the horn section, to the overall catchiness of the tune. Dig it! Grade: A-

5. “You Can’t Spell Apathetic without Pathetic”- Throw some metal, punk, old school NES, and pirate-core in the blender and out comes this next tune. This is successful attempt at blending several musical styles, which sticking to the overall hardcore ska theme of the band. Grade: B

6. “Invictus”- A dark tune, with mostly talking for vocals and a lone saxophone—up until the end when the entire band breaks onto the scene. Grade: B-

7. “If You Wanna Get Hurt, Skateboard”- Crabhammer finishes in true ska punk fashion, complete with a rockin’ guitar solo and catchy melodies. Nice job. Grade: B

First I would like to welcome Crabhammer to the ska scene. It is quite impressive to release an album just months after inception of a band. It takes most bands years to achieve this, so kudos to them. Musically speaking, there is a lot going on in this album, showing that the band is still experimenting with their sound. This being said, Crabhammer seems to be pulled into two main directions, giving equal time to both ska/punk and death metal with horns. I can give a more unbiased opinion on the former vs. the latter. I do enjoy punk ska of all flavors, and on this album Crabhammer pulls this off very well. Songs such as “Everlong” and “If You Wanna Get Hurt, Skateboard” highlight not only the excellent horn section and a more focused attempt at actual singing. On the other hand I have never really enjoyed straight up hardcore or screaming/growling death metal, so it is difficult for me to judge the extent on how this is executed on this album. So the songs done in this style are downgraded based on personal preference and not necessarily on talent. Overall I think that Crabhammer has a lot going for them and show much promise in the future, especially if they continue their already hard work ethic. ‘Peer Pressure at a High school Party” is recommended to the ska fan that also has a diverse musical palette. If this is the demographic that Crabhammer is going for, then “great,” keep doing your thing. Otherwise, they might be better off picking one style and running with it. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this young band. The ska in the limit!

Overall Grade: B-

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